Does the Corner Office Still Represent What It Used To?

When it comes to your career, the usual picture of success is a private parking space, company car and credit card and, of course – the corner office, preferably with a view. This is the typical work environment that many still uphold as being enjoyed by high flying senior executives and directors. 오피

However, today’s office work spaces have evolved to suit our modern needs – workplaces are diverse and are often specifically tailored to each individual organisation, even the preferences of specific employees.


  • Open Plan – many organisations have moved towards the open office plan – they allow greater collaboration between team members and foster a sense of cooperation amongst employees. They also allow for more employees to occupy the same space – an office space calculator can help you determine how much space you’ll need for your staff.
  • Telecommuting – the internet and advanced communications technology have introduced new ways for employees and managers to get the job done. Many executives may run their operations off-site, and check in via email, video conference or the occasional on-site visit. With mobile office technology, plenty of jobs can be done in transit, from home or even at your favourite cafe – an actual office may not be needed at all!
  • Tailored solutions – many companies are recognising that standing out from the crowd is important in these competitive times and even more are realising that this applies to the office space. Tailoring your office space to fit your organisation’s image is important – a creative agency executive may prefer to shy away from the corner office set up. Think about how you work as an individual – many executives today often prefer to work closely with their team instead of isolating themselves in a corner office or an executive bubble.