My Review On Mi 9 Power – Flaws That Can Bother You When Using Android Phones


Mi 9 Power with Digitizer: One of the most wanted mobiles in the planet are smartphones powered by the cutting edge mobile technology called Android. With its huge popularity there are loads of replica and cheap handsets flooding the market. To get rid of them you can go for the paid or free handset of your choice which are available online. It will help you get rid of your irritating phone which is taking up all your precious time.

Mi 9 Power with Digitizer: It has an amazing features which have made it a superphone among the other leading smartphone. The price of this handset is $400. It has an advanced camera with a laser lens and a high resolution screen which give life to its users. The screen has a very sensitive touch screen and works perfectly,the screen and digitizer are both highly durable and extremely high quality material.

Slow User Interface: The slow user interface of this power device makes it so frustrating to use. You can fix this problem by upgrading the software of your phone. You can update the software by the minute because new features are added regularly. You need to be cautious that the updates do not cause your phone to speed up because this is one of the common problems for the users. The update will also fix the random reboot problem and fix the slow battery drain. Mi 9 Power


No Memory: This problem can be fixed easily. You just need to uninstall some apps which are not needed and do not show any memory. Remove the apps which you do not need so that the memory will be enough to run the latest apps. If the apps are not installed, uninstall them so that they will not occupy much memory space and free some of the memory.

Poor Quality Front Camera: Mi 9 Power comes with a high quality front camera but the performance is far from perfect. The video recorder is also below par which makes it useless for professional users. There is a lot of distortion in the video and the photos taken are not as nice as they could have been. To fix this problem you can download any good app which can repair the problems of the front camera. You can also use the free camera apps which are available online.

Mi 9 Power has all the features that a high end smartphone should have. However, it fails in many areas where it could have been improved. For these reasons the steps given in this review could help you to find the right app for your device.