Slice Through The Bull$hit 


The New Moon in Leo on July 23rd will be sensational, astounding and sudden. Sizzling with energy, the New Moon is a reminder to thunder like a lion, strike lightning, and cut however any B$ and untruths you’ve been advising yourself. 


The craving to break liberated from the ‘substantial labyrinth’ we’ve worked around ourselves is currently devouring to such an extent that we can’t disregard it anymore. To say that the energy of this New Moon is extraordinary is putting it mildly. Recall the power noticeable all around before a storm? The anxiety, the expectation, the eagerness it brings? This is the thing that the energy of the New Moon in Leo will feel like.  leo zodiac sign


What makes your heart flash? What is the distinction between what you’ve been advised you should be and what your spirit needs? What causes you to feel wholly invigorated, energetic, lined up with your deepest longings? The New Moon is a solicitation to light the fire of our spirit and sparkle. 


This incredible New Moon will be the secret and a phase setter for the coming Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21st. 


The July 2017 New Moon will occur in the absolute starting point of the indication of Leo (0° to be careful!). Then, at that point, one month from now, on August 21st, we will have the second New Moon in Leo, which is likewise the Solar Eclipse we are, for the most part sitting tight for. 


The New Moon on July 23rd is firmly conjunct hot-blooded Mars and squares unusual Uranus at 28° Aries. The Solar Eclipse on August 21st is likewise in Leo, is additionally conjunct Mars, what is diverse is that the Eclipse is trining Uranus. Each time we have two New Moons in a similar sign, the Universe needs to ensure we “get” the energy of that particular sign, allowing us two opportunities to dominate this energy. 


To ensure you collect what the Solar Eclipse in August has to bring to the table, you need to manage this New Moon right off the bat. Your solidarity, your will are being tried at present. The New Moon on July 23rd will request that you break something so you can push ahead. 


The New Moon in Leo is the authority beginning of the Eclipse season. It is the ideal opportunity for MAJOR fresh starts. New Moons overall are extraordinary occasions for fresh starts; however, this New Moon is the meaning of fresh starts since it happens at 0°, which is the level of fresh starts. 


What’s more, it is additionally conjunct Mars, the most fearless, activity situated, a self-assured planet in our close planetary system. What else do you require? We have positively no reasons not to act now. 


At 0° Leo and related to Mars, the planet of activity and commencement, and square Uranus, the earth of the true self, this lunar cycle will request that you escape your usual range of familiarity. Sun, Moon and Mars are square Uranus! You need to “make it” or “break it”, presently or never. 


With two New Moons in Leo with the North Node in Leo, we as a whole need to figure out how to resemble a lion, how to sparkle, how to be the ruler of our palace. 


If you’re attempting to kick something off, this is your New Moon – it is overflowing with drive and certainty. 


Take a gander at the Sun! The Sun is inescapable. We can generally depend on it to rise every morning – even after the haziest night, the Sun is a guarantee that everything good or bad must come to an end. The Sun is the guarantee of the Universe that we can – and we ought to – sparkle our real essence unafraid. 


Furthermore, the inquiry the New Moon in Leo is raising is: “Would you say you are genuinely living in amicability with your internal sun?”. The New Moon is an encouragement to reach out to your internal identity, a challenge to open up to the everlasting and endless conceivable outcomes of what your identity is. 


Yet, perhaps the central message of this New Moon has to do with comprehension and accepting our manly side, our hostility, our yang. 


With Sun and Mars, the manliest planets in our nearby planetary group participating in the primary levels of Leo, we are mainly being approached to “take care of business” and “behave like a man” regardless of our sexual orientation. Ladies or men, we as a whole have masculine energy. 


The New Moon will request everyone from us the feared question, “Would you say you are a genuine man?”. Furthermore, because Uranus is squaring the New Moon, we should slice through any B$ and get genuine. The individuals who have been faking it’s anything but a significant insult. Uranus needs us to awaken to the Truth of who we indeed are. 


Suppose you need outside confirmations to feel commendable. In that case, if you think you need an incredible occupation title, a game vehicle, a prize partner, you are not communicating your genuine, bona fide manly characteristics, regardless of your sex. You are reliant upon outer approvals, attempting to be with a specific goal in mind since you feel that is the lone way individuals will acknowledge you. 


You are a genuine man when you quit attempting to “substantiate yourself”. At the point when you don’t quantify your self-esteem by how much cash you have in the bank, on the off chance that you have “director” in your work title, on the off chance that you fly business class. At the point when what makes a difference is whether the voice you are paying attention to is the voice of your inward Truth. 


Taking care of business doesn’t mean you ought to do what you need and quite often thinking about others. You are a genuine man when you cannot exclusively deal with others yet also manage disappointment and embrace analysis. This is being brave and bold like a lion. This is the point at which each fight you lose will draw you one stage nearer to triumph. This is what is the issue here. 


The New Moon in Leo will encourage us all to energetically thunder the reality of what our identity is, uproariously and gladly. Unafraid. The opportunity has arrived to put yourself out there and focus your actual light. Someplace profound inside, you understand what you need to liberate yourself from. Sun and Mars will help you tap into your daring side so you can sparkle your fact with satisfaction and pride. 


Uranus will acquire a desire to move the interaction quickly, pushing you to push ahead with fortitude and realness. You can’t bargain who you are anymore. Let your inner light sparkle brilliantly, cutting the bull$hit, however, softening any opposition, blinding the eyes from fantasy, overwhelming any dread or uncertainty that is left. There is no shadow inside this light. 


Development and self-satisfaction are once in a while found inside your usual range of familiarity. Furthermore, to genuinely live, you should be unified with your inward Sun. If you decided not to, you are squandering your life. The New Moon in Leo is the essential reminder to say “I had enough” and roll out the vital improvements so you can carry on with an existence of pride and nobility. 


An excellent Grand Fire Trine additionally upholds the New Moon with Mercury and North Node in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. The solitary viewpoint that mists the blazing sky is Venus inverse Saturn across the Gemini/Sagittarius hub, connoting an emergency of confidence. 


A few convictions need to go if you need to construct your life on another establishment. Accepting the freshly discovered information transparently and with mindfulness can permit you to move into the new heading adequately. 


“Uncertainty yourself and you question all that you see. Judge yourself and you see judges all over. Yet, in the event that you pay attention to the sound of your own voice, you can transcend uncertainty and judgment. Also, you can see until the end of time.” 


The New Moon will influence you significantly if you have planets or points around 0° in Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio or if you have Leo ascendant. 


Glance in which house you have 0° Leo to comprehend which aspect of your life should be recovered.