Skateboarding Information

Skateboarding is to take action of riding as well as doing or performing some tricks using a tool called a skateboard. The person who is doing skateboarding is denoted to as the skateboarder or the skater. This may be an art, a fun activity, a job for the others, or just their way by means of transportation. Skateboarding is somewhat modern. This is been shapely and inspired by skateboarders all over the years. At 2002, around 18.5 million are present skateboarders of the world. The 85% of these skateboarders is at the age of 18. 74% of it was males. electric skateboard spares

Skateboarding is almost certainly born in late 1940s or 1950s during the surfers of California desired much thing in surfing if ever there are flat waves. Nobody knows who formulated the first skateboard, somewhat; it seems that some people come up with same thoughts at the same time. The first skaters begin with wood of boards or boxes attaching a roller skate wheel at its bottom. The boards are turned into a plank and eventually the companies’ produces deck of pushed layers of lumber like the skateboard top decks today.

All through this time, skateboarding is seen as for fun rather than surfing. The 1st surf shop manufacturer of skateboards is at LA, California, designed to be for the surfers of their time. Bill Richard, the owner of the shop, completed an agreement to the Chicago Roller Skate Company to make some set of skate with wheels attaches to a square lumber board. Skateboarding was originally referred to as a sidewalk surfing, along with early skateboarder followed the style of surfing and maneuvers.

The skateboarding began to change by the development of skate parks or ramp skating. Early skate activities have consisted mostly of two dimensional tricks as of riding only two wheels, high jumping on a bar then land on the board once more is known as “hippie jump”, the “pivot” is spinning in the back wheel jumping long from one board to a different board or “slalom”.

In 1965, the international championship broadcast skateboarding on the national television and was then popularize in that time on a national magazine called Skateboarder Magazine. The development of this sport through this period is also seen in the sale figures of Makaha that quoted $10million value of board sales with in the year of 1963 & 1965. The fame of skateboarding drops and remains low up to 1970s because the youth were faded in recent years because of the figure of the skateboarding as of rebellious. Some cities continuously oppose the building of skate parks, for fear of increasing crimes and drugs throughout their area.