Weekend Shopping In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the handicraft capital of Thailand hence there are a lot of things that you can find in this little place in Asia. The philosophy behind shopping in Chiang Mai is all about inculcating to you the rich local culture that they have there. The best way to do that is to walk through the streets of Chiang Mai and experience the rich culture of Thailand while enjoying the moonlight and beams of bright yellow street lights. When you try to walk on the streets of Chiang Mai, you would experience the vibrant essence of life in Chiang Mai, may it be on their art, crafts, music or food. And what’s best is that these kinds of crafts are handmade and people really took time on personalizing every craft or product that you would be buying. 이미테이션

Not Just About Buying, It’s All about Experiencing the Culture

What’s tiring about shopping in cities and urban places is that you just practically buy everything that you want to buy. But it’s different on the streets of Chiang Mai. Apart from shopping stalls, the streets are clad with decorations and flowers with random groups presenting their dances and local songs. Each street serves as a venue to different local shows showcasing the different gradients of culture here in Chiang Mai. They hold a myriad of performances of all sorts including musicians, dancers, puppeteers and other entertainers. As you brush your way through the streets, you would experience the display of rich culture of Thailand along with a jam-packed crowd in any corners of the avenue.

To Shop or Not To Shop on Friday Night?

Most people shop and party on Friday nights on urban cities, but here in Chiang Mai, the proper way or timing on when can have the best shopping experience is through shopping on Saturday or Sunday evenings. It is on Sunday and Saturday evenings that shopping stalls appear in a multitude of colors and it is also on these days that shows are held. If you want to savor the shopping experience, strolling on mid-afternoons on the Ratchademneon Road to the Tha Phae Gate would be the best since those roads would be closed on this time of the day. On Saturdays on the other hand, on the Wualai Street, shopping stalls can be seen the most. If you want to really embrace the culture of Thailand while shopping, then shopping on Saturdays and Sundays would be the best.

The Best Things You Can Find

The best things that you can buy on these parts of the city are usually hand made goods of hill-tribe vendors. Temples are also common on these areas which offer deep-fried crickets and other refreshments.